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Fusion Marketing is a sales and marketing agency with over 17 years of experience helping brands successfully place their products on television shopping networks in North America and Europe.

We offer premier representation and sales training, as well as providing experienced talent for television and radio selling.

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Fusion Marketing provides unique and comprehensive representation. This page will give you a brief overview of how we put your brand on TV and keep your brand on TV.

In addition to the services below, Fusion Marketing offers world-class sales training courses. We can also provide talent for television and radio selling. Simply contact us to learn more.


Fusion Marketing never charges a retainer for our services. We make money when you make money. Our first job is to understand your brand and what makes it special. During this initial period we will also help you understand the benefits and challenges of selling on TV. Once we mutually decide that your brand is right for television shopping, we go to work for you.

Buyer Presentation

We work with you to build a compelling presentation for the buyer, then personally deliver the materials and walk the buyer through your unique story.


Once the buyer expresses interest in your brand, we work with you and the merchandising team to ensure that your brand is well positioned for success. This includes identifying the appropriate skus, negotiating pricing, negotiating terms, selecting items for the web, and logistics support. Once you have a purchase order, we help prepare you for your television debut.


Securing the right airtime is crucial for success on television. We can work with the buyers and the planners to try to ensure that your brand has the best airtime for your category and the necessary minutes to make an impact. Remember, you're not paying for this airtime, but you do have to earn it!


The best television shopping segments have great on-air presenters, compelling demonstrations, and eye-catching visual support. We will work with you to train your presenter (or provide one for you), determine the best demonstrations, and build visual support for your product. We will interface with sales managers, line-producers, directors and hosts to ensure that the production team is ready to properly produce your live segment.


We are there with you at the studio, making final preparations for the show, and showing you how to interpret the data available to the vendors in the green room.

Post-Show Review with Merchandising

After the first round of shows, we reconvene with Merchandising, and start preparations for your next rotation. We identify skus for re-order and new skus to launch. This is the stage where we begin working toward network-wide promotions for your brand. Promotions such as "Today's Special Value" or "Once-only" or "Host Pick" give your brand more visibility and can be major volume-drivers.

Trouble Shooting

Unfortunately, television shopping networks, like any retail account, can be difficult to work with at times. Fusion Marketing will make your experience smoother by helping you avoid certain pitfalls like excessive deductions for vendor violations, poor forecasting, or quality assurance holds.

Longterm Planning

Fusion Marketing wants your brand to have a long and prosperous life on television. We will work with merchandising to build a longterm strategy for your brand, while doing the competitive analysis necessary to stay ahead of the competition. When the time is right, we will connect you with our partners at major mass retailers and help you take advantage of the massive marketing benefits of a prolonged run on television shopping.

Let's put your brand on TV!

Now that you know some of the basic steps we take to make your brand a hit on television, let's get started working towards your success. Get in touch with us and put Fusion Marketing to work for you.

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